RACHEL:  “You guys know how perfectly fair I am ..how I let the other side say their piece if they come on this show.. I’m never one  to trap anyone…   So glad to have finally got Bush at this very time when Fox is trying to bogus up a revival meeting for those crazy lazy days of Bush/Cheney/ Rumsfeld/.

Bringing back back the Bush accomplishments like torture and failure…  But he’s here that Texas cut–up the man who lied us into a deadly war on false pretenses…that admitted water boarder…the draft dodger and economy wrecker himself… George W.Bush!!

PLEASE UNDERSTAND PRESIDENT BUSH WE LIBERALS UNLIKE YOU REPUBLICANS WILL ALWAYS GIVE YOU A CHANCE TO STATE YOUR CASE…WE ARE TOTALLY FAIR AND BALANCED…ALWAYS… BUT……………………………I’d like to start off by asking you how the f**k do you get off thinking you can just come back and act like everything is alright??…

Everything might be alright at your freakin’ house…but half of this audience doesn’t have a freakin’ house any more…And some of them don’t have sons and daughters anymore because of you and that raving sadistic ass wipe without a pulse…Cheney!!

Don’t sit there with that moronic dumb assed smile ..you freakin’ unthinking serial killer of innocent babies and old men and women plus thousands of the cream of young Americans serving their country in a trumped-up ego tripping oil grabbing holocaust of destruction!!  We hate you…!

You… George Bush..you  have the audacity to write a book and then come out from under the slime of your ill begotten rich boy’s life to sell it??

You don’t have the mentality to comprehend what you and your gang of war and white-collar criminals did for 8 long years of  monetary rape of a once great country…

I find it revealing that you’re favorite place to mouth off your feeble excuses and outright whining fabrications is Fox News…

Fox News the fake news organ of the Corpo-Fascists!!  FAKE  just like everything in your life that your daddy and mommy bought you …you pampered little fop!!

Fox News is a company that vilifies the brilliant current hard-working black PRESIDENT while he’s attempting to fix everything your idiotic deregulations did to the America economy!! This is being done while Fox simultaneously glorifies your disgusting undistinguished mean assed incompetent tenure as “Commander-in-Chief.!”

You were never in “command” and you were never a “chief!”  You sir were a sissy puppet…while the dogs of war Cheney and Rumsfeld pulled the strings.

So get off my show before I set the MSNBC guard dogs on you and take your fake cowboy ass back to Fox where Sean Hannity will kiss it until his lips are chafed.

I didn’t read your book but “my Pet Goat” ate it for lunch and threw it up on a passing Republican…And what ever you want to say in your defense just go on over to Fox..they love you over there!!!

You and yours took your country down so far it may never recover ..enjoy your lack of remorse…



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