If only we’d known before what we know now!!

We have nobody to blame but ourselves…we were complacent, trusting and just not looking out for #1.

Now we hate going to the bank…we hate going to the ATM and we get really pissed when we swipe our plastic!!

And why?  Because we now know we’re having our sweet little innocent asses rimmed on such a scale that it’s a wonder there’s any pucker left!!

We’ve been punked!  We’re beginning to realize those nice safe sounding names like freakin’ BANK OF AMERICAand other monetary institutions are not on our side …and are not saving our money for us ..but for them!… and we’re also beginning to get smart to the fact that the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE of this once great nation is actually the “DEPARTMENT OF INJUSTICE!! ” No balls…

But we now can see that nobody on the planet who is a CEO of a bank will ever be prosecuted for economic rectal rape …Even if there’s banker’s DNA  where the sun don’t shine!!!   Money speaks and somebody got so much of it that anybody they want can get paid off. Money speaks and Bullshit squeaks!! we’re damned if they screw us and damned if they say they don’t screw us…we have no champion…regulation is an anathema to the robber barons. Money laundering will be putting starch in the collars of the white-collar criminals who will now control Congress. Should we lay back and take it ..should we get the bleeding piles of defeat or should we rise up and smite them by somehow or other JUST TAKING OUR CASH AND STASHING IT UNDER THE MATTRESS OF OUR FUTURES?…or we could just all become Mister Potato Heads and live under THE CONTROL OF PEOPLE WHO DON’T GIVE A FLYING F$%^ WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO AS LONG AS THEY CAN BUY SMALL EUROPEAN COUNTRIES FOR VACATION HOMES…



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