Its plain to see that the US is the empire on the decline and China is the empire with the fortune cookies of the future!

It’s almost too late for this Empire to Strike Back!

In the big picture we hate to say this to the Glenn’s and the Rush’s but a Communist dictatorship has “out capitalized us!”


While Boehner and McConnell spin their petulant wheels symbolically trying to kill America with the slow death of ordinary people’s health care…

While idiots like RAND PAUL caucus to do important work like keeping automatic weapons in the hands of college students… and repealing the no smoking laws in restauarants…China is making deals with countries around the world… consolidating their power base and selling their manufactured good to everyone and their uncle’s donkey.

This country has become petty… belligerent…war like and undignified in the eyes of the World.

We lost most respect of many foreign governments during those horrendous Bush years when most of the rest of the world thought we’d gone completely bonkers being hoodwinked by a bunch of crazed right-wing war mongering freaks! ..most thought we’d lost it !

We were a country with a moronic monkey man gibbering a bunch of useless bullshit  and destroying the economy of a once great nation.

While this country was preoccupied with being “Mister World Wide Macho Man With Missiles in His Pants”.. those clever Chinese were not fighting a stupid couple of wars… they were not destroying their economy…they were planning and implementing the most amazing new CAPITALISTIC society run on a Socialist system of all time..

So you see you TEA PARTY GITS….”Socialism and really BIG government works when its “Communistic Capitalism!”   And now the rest of the world..after rejoicing that we’d found our way out of out shit  by electing an intelligent person as president… see we’ve voted the idiot ning nongs brigade back in again!!

We look like a bunch of clowns .and China owns the circus!

THE GOODS NEWS IS HOWEVER… Although we can’t be sure of this … we believe  Obama has been able to gain a few concessions from  President Hu of China. ..AND HERE THEY ARE…

#1 China promises from now on  all American flags manufactured in China will be made by children over the age of nine!

#2 China promises that it will not call in its bigger loans and America can keep the state of Vermont for now.

#3 China will allow FACEBOOK to enter the mainland but will limit each Chinese family to only two friends.

#4 Bootleg DVD’s of American movie product will be limited to only 2D productions.

#5 If America promises not to invade another country this year they can have more bullets.

So to the GOP and their minions..and to the people who vote and continue to vote for the corpo-fascists just put this in your corn cob and smoke it…

“Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News don’t give a flying fuck about you!!. He’s a wily old Australian super corporate ruthless capitalist…his partners are Arabs..and believe it or not… Chinese. He has huge holdings in China and he divorced his wife of 40 years and married a beautiful powerful Chinese woman.  His bagel is buttered on both sides…our bagel doesn’t even have” it tastes like butter” on either side.

So here’s the choice Communism that’s Capitalism  or Capitalism that’s Fascism ?  …the third choice?..

Driving off a cliff in a Thunderbird!


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