The  governor of Alabama stood in a Baptist Church recently and said something to the effect that only people who had taken Jesus Christ as their savior were his brothers.

Of course this caused a huge stir even in Alabama… where many want a return of the good old days.. days when white men were white men and white women were white women and black men and women were bargains on sale where if you bought two you’d get one for free.

So we have news for this religious bigot..


No not even in Alabama..because the 5O Jews and the 12 Muslims who live there complained…plus the some Catholics who dig the Virgin ..the Buddhists and the Atheists…And a few Dervish’

So while we don’t dispute there are many good Christians living in Alabama…saying that the only “brothers” you have are the Born Again  narrows the field if you’re the “Governor of all the people.”

What of the Sun worshipers?…and the witches and hob goblins and the people who make shrines out of soiled undergarments?.

Hey they all have as much of a right to be represented by their governor.

His weak excuse so far is rumored to be that he was speaking in tongues when the snake bit him!

Nobody wants to stop him from being born again ..that’s his right…but don’t lay his sh*t on everybody’ else.

exorcism1And that goes for you too Rick Perry…TEXAS has Willie Nelson who worships  plant life…

This is NOT  a Christian Nation…some of us don’t point up to the sky when we we’ve achieved something …because the sky is full of carbon monoxide which is NOT “God given” but with the compliments of Big Oil…which some might say stands for the opposite of God.


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