This month 3 years ago comedy lost a good one when my old pal and magically funny Charlie Callas died funny at the age of 86.

We first worked together in 1969 when he was on the Andy Williams show. We created a character for him called “CAPTAIN WEIRD.” he played a super hero who went into the phone booth to change into his outfit …but only ever got half of his suit he was fighting his clothing  as much as crime.. he also could only fly backwards…and in each sketch you’d see him flying backwards into distant space. He’d say “I’m Captain Weird and that maybe a liability!”

Amongst Charlies’ great collection of achievements are his many appearances in Mel Brooks movies..his amazing skill as one of America’s premiere jazz drummers … and being Frank Sinatra’s opening act for years. Charlie was a one of a kind throwback to the great vaudeville days.

Three years ago we produced a live tribute to Charlie in Las Vegas and he was still making us laugh like loons. I loved this guy..because as funny as he was ..he was always a really sweet and gentle man who never forgot how fortunate it is to be born funny and to be able to make a living at it.


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  1. Charlie was a wonderful man. Chris introduced me and my two brothers to charlie in 1973. We did a number of shows together and he was always a gentleman but funny and crazy. The last time I saw him I was standing in line at a taco stand in Holloywood. Some guy was at the counter ordering food with a fake German accent and making strange noises in between sentances. He turned around and it was Charlie. He saw me, smiled and said don’t tell the the lady behind the counter I’m not German. We ate tacos together. we hugged goodbye and Charlie said to the lady behind the counter in a German accent, “These were good tacos, but not as good as the ones in Berlin. God bless you Charlie

  2. Loved Charlie Callas! And from your tribute to him, it’s obvious that you did, too. Wish I’d known/remembered that you knew him. I’d have pestered you to introduce me.

    • had some of the funniest times ever with cc..on and off camera.

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