A Republican walks into a bar and says…” Hey John aren’t you supposed to be in Congress!!

Joan Rivers walked into a bar and complained that when she plugged in her new GM Volt.. her vibrator exploded!

Gingrich walks into a bar and 5 ex-girlfriends get really mad and kick the sh*t out of  him …

A Republican walked into a bar with a huge ugly grunting fat pig under his arm ..He ordered a shot  for himself and says” What’ll  you have Rush?”

An American computer executive aged 52 walked into a bar and started his eight-hour shift washing glasses for a minimum wage.

A couple of B of A officers walked into a bar and foreclosed it!

Rick Santorum walked into a gay bar but didn’t hurt himself  too much.

Jeremy Lin  walked into a bar bought it …and an hour later he wanted to buy another one .

Darrell Issa walked into a bar and two cocktail waitresses , the wife of the owner and Nancy Pelosi kick the sh*t out of him. 

Herman Cain walked into a bar and did his usual fifteen minutes of stand up to limited applause and few laughs.

Mitt Romney walked into bar and nobody cared.

Adele walked into a bar and  nobody understood what she was saying except a British tourist.

Lindsay Lohan drove into a bar.


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