Back from a world tour of countries she’s vaguely heard of like India and Israel… Sarah Palin was given air time on the only place she’ll show her talents fake Fox News.

Amongst the issues discussed with Israeli’s brave enough to speak with her were the following.

She would gladly give her services to shoot Hamas from a light plane.

She would gladly go on Israeli TV and kill and skin a camel.

She wanted to learn more about the funny hats and the curly hairstyles.

She asked why everyone at the Wailing Wall was so darn unhappy!

She asked if she could make a withdrawal from the West Bank.

She said ..that if ISRAEL was moved to an island in the Pacific they wouldn’t have a Palestinian problem.

At the end of her visit the Israeli Tourist Bureau was trying to persuade  her to visit an area rumored to be full of unexploded bombs.

When arriving back in Alaska she told reporters that she had spoken to Michelle Bachmann and had suggested to her that she was “an ugly ignorant spaced out cow” who had about as much chance of becoming PRESIDENT as Bristol had of finding anyone else as a dancing partner or a husband soon!

****In other news Scott Walker went further “rogue” and published his anti union bill defying a judge’s court order… proving that in some rare cases an asshole can actually grow a second asshole and become a twin asshole

A new throwback Disco group has just been announced “HUCKABEE & THE SUNSHINE BAND!”  they will play prisons and AARP conventions in the South.

Donald Trump meanwhile has bequeathed his hair to the Ronald Reagan library as a token of his dedication to ass kissing the GOP voters.

Donald continues to asked Obama to show his birth certificate while refusing to name the people who fix his comb over and stroke his ego.


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