After hearing the statements coming out of Mike Huckabee pertaining to making sure Christianity is foremost in the minds of all future voters we can actually believe the rumors that Mike has been speaking to God about an endorsement for another possible futile run for the top office in the World next to God’s.

The most important statements coming from Huckabee always  involves taking JESUS as your personal savior before any of the other stuff like getting rid of unions and old people’s pensions and putting a camera in every gynecologists examination room.

Huckabee philosophy seems to be amongst other things to revolve around “marriage equality being the end of civilization!.”

It appears to be Huckabee’s Christian duty is “promising to  prohibit any other “heathen thoughts” from entering into people’s brains other than what “Mike the mediocre maniacal musician” tells us ..

This crazy guy actually thinks he’s got that guy God on his side and that the God guy’s basically a fundamentalist philosopher who wants a Christian ruled society with that silly idea of Democracy taking a back pew. This is so he and his allies can go about the business of combining church and state into one huge glob of fanaticism. Mike loves money more than the Lord …just like Osteen loves money more than the Lord and the cash-beat goes on through Pat and John and Jimmy..they all love money more than  the Lord. They’ve got this brain block about their savior the Jew called JESUS who didn’t like money…But what am I your humble blogger to make of this other than to say…These people are less than who they say they are ?…In fact when they pass on…if there is a nasty place dealing with “eternal damnation” what a shock they’ll get at the reunion dinner.

THE EVANGELICALS WHO CONTROL A GOOD PORTION OF THE STATES CITIES ,TOWNS AND VILLAGES IN THE SOUTH AND THE RED MID WEST HAVE THIS TAX FEE EXEMPTION JUGGERNAUT  DEFYING THE LAW OF THE LAND. They take their follower’s money and preach the downfall of the government that allows them to pay no taxes…and apparently this is okay with God. THEY CAN KISS SNAKES WITH IMPUNITY….well sometimes….

Nobody in the next session in both the Houses of Congress will ever take on this travesty!!

They fear God and Huckabee won;t ever let them forget that!

The combination of this gigantic Christian economic and political con act juggernaut combined with the cynical money droppings of the corporate cartels will continue unabated in the new year with the ghastly prospect of a low voter turnout palace coup blitzkrieg of Congressional attempts to undermine the hard fought non denominational political victories won by the current administration.

BOHENER and the gang of thieves face now have even more Huckabee style bat sh*t  fanatics wanting to see God’s guys running the country. What could possibly go wrong now the police are driving around in tanks and the Republican field of PRESIDENTIAL candidates resemble a chorus line of high kicking Racist Rockettes ready to kiss the asses of the most bigoted and fanatical right wing amongst us while pretending to have a mandate to kill all regulations regarding air, water, education, health and assisting the less fortunate than their Christian selves…

This land is our land …this land is your land …well it used to be …how’s about we set out to get it back and we can ask The Lord how he feels about that…the revised version its on your on Kindle.

TEA PARTIERS are the icky sticky glue that holds the core of the GOP together. Without the unholy alliance of the Koch Brother’s mega-wealth and bribery plus the Extreme Right’s  version of an angry but just “God”… the GOP would be burnt toast.

When Jesus comes back… if you read the bible …he will go down to Wall Street and kick all those bastards out of the big criminal money church…He will go to the PENTAGON and demand “peace on EARTH and good will to mankind.”

He will heal the sick for free…he’ll feed the masses with organic loaves and low sodium fish and not bother with food stamps… In other words…you can once again trust a guy wearing sandals..or even better you’ll know that JC is a Liberal…and perhaps he’ll have turned Huckabee into a  pillar of salt.

Perhaps …..


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