The disgusting behavior of Donald Trump’s birther crap is both cynical and soul-destroying for this country.

That this “trumped-up trumpeter” of open bigotry is given the opportunity to continuously keep up his smearing dialogue so blatantly anti-minority is both shameful and a sign that we still live in an unforgiving exclusively white upper class elitist racist society.

And of course the next step always when one of these obvious “Exceptionalists” crawls out from the gutter of their own ignorance Fox News gives them a platform from which to spew forth their whitey crowd pleasing crap.

Huckabee, Palin and now Trump have such platforms. Roger Ailes knows how to keep those Fox ratings rolling…When in doubt shore up the hate core!…Bill O’Reilly seems to be “the voice of near reason” in the festering compost heap that passes as the commentator pool at Fox.

Who can out insult the black usurper President with the most outrageous claims against his masculinity, his personal preferences in food, his desire to be a terrorist, his hatred of America, his un-Americanness…and his wife and kids. ?

Fox News enables the millions of racists still alive and well and living in their hate to feel good about themselves and their dislike of anything that isn’t colored white and mostly Christian.  Muslims are the new Communists…but blacks are still the old blacks…and what of the Hispanics.??..well if they lived in Germany in the 30’s they’d be the Jews when Arizona created an SS and some internment camps!!

Fox has the weapons of “mass minority destruction”..and now they’ve added the master bullshitter of all time to their daily roster.. an ego maniac who will be allowed to smash today’s majority reality in the teeth on a daily basis and remain unchallenged by anybody..while being fawned upon by blonde bimbos with too much eye liner, surgery and close ups of shaved oiled shiny legs during the obligitory Obama put downs and lying about everything through their perfect teeth and lip gloss.


Trump has a receding hair line that he covers with a comb over and a receding human dignity which he will continue to destroy along with the other bigots and falsifiers that make up the backbone of the worst thing that has happened to racist propaganda since Goebbels. Fox Non-News!

VISUAL: What does Trump look like first thing in the morning before an hour with the hairstylist.

Imagine ..Imagine ..Imagine….


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