Paul Ryan looks rational in a nice suit but when he opens his mouth corpo FASCIST lies burst forth in a massive fireworks display of debunked financial theories ..His is a strategy of the Right’s determination to destroy the will of the middle class and the poor. 

There is nothing so blatant  and arrogant as a man with really big ears standing in front of a microphone waving papers and telling his smug gloating white compatriots in other nice suits that we must cut out all social services and turn the country over to the private sector or America will perish..

These people must know something we don’t know for it would appear to be political suicide to announce this stuff  when all the polls show that at least 70% of the people from all political persuasions don’t want anyone touching their social services….

The rest of the ignorant 30% believe everything that Fox News tells them.They appear to want to starve to death with no food relief or medical help from their evil government. 



They know the inequalities are out in the open…they can read the graphs showing the 1% have them crushed and broke while they live high on the hog. 

The Visigoths and the marauders are exposed…You’d think it’s the time to strike at the heart of this attempting palace coup from the extremist right and the corpo fascist …

Vote these UNFEELING bastards out!!

So what is happening?…

The party of the 1% is getting stronger!!

It might take over The SENATE.

Democrats cannot compete on the unleveled playing field that’s now controls by the millions and millions of dollars being spent by the minority Right Wing billionaires to ensure the end of the DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM as we know it.

DEMOCRATIC and Independent complacency at the upcoming midterms may see the further demise of this country.  

The massive and unrelenting propaganda war against the embattled President and his policies and the never ending attacks on women, minorities and the middle class is  paying  off for the destroyers of all things sacred to our lifestyles.

A country now run totally by the repulsive bloodsucking people we now see as our adversaries with their policies of exclusion and hatred will be like visiting a 21st Century version of Dante’s Inferno.There is a pathway opening up of sheer evil and it might be just around the corner.

Of course as usual the above rant may be the result of the new drugs my doctor has prescribed for me because I told her yesterday I felt like operating heavy farm equipment when she told me not to.

There is always a way out of a Fascist dictatorship its called living in Costa Rica with the monkeys.



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