A previously non violent left -wing splinter group apparently has decided to take a more drastic approach to  their protest movement.

They plan to train their followers in semi-violent action against their perceived  enemy..THE RICH!

A spokesperson for the left-wing movement  speaking from an undisclosed training camp told our reporters today that their members will soon be fanning out across the length and breadth of the Upper East of MANHATTAN .and the riskiest areas of PALM BEACH Florida ..plus BEL AIRE and Beverly Hills in California. These protesters will be armed with maps and specially designed shoes.

Their sworn obligation to their cause is to sneak up behind rich people and kick them in the ass.

As the protesters kick the rich people in the ass they will call out: ” You may not be paying any taxes but now you’ve got a sore ass you jerks!


Some filming has already taken place as one of the Koch Brothers  was kicked in the ass by a 65-year-old grandmother of five while he was overseeing the destruction of the environment in an open-faced coal mine in KENTUCKY. She yelled..”Hey Rich F+ck inherit this!”

The president of GE was kicked in his ass as he was leaving the country for the BAHAMAS with $2oo,00,000 tax-free money stashed in a matching set of Louis Vitton luggage.

Several Wall Street bankers were involved in a “mass ass kick” as they stood gloating on a sidewalk after hiking the interest rates at their banks beyond the ability of the middle class to make payments.

And finally there is report that Donald Trump was kicked in the ass by a tall blonde he once told he would marry and then laughed in  her face …she kicked his ass while he was standing on a street corner looking admiringly at his reflection in a store window.

None of the recipients of their ass kicking was seriously hurt but all of them had to stand up while trying to screw more poor people for a few days. 

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