Fox News in fit of righteous anger is suing CNN for plagiarism.

Sarah Palin was extremely upset when she was told of the CNN plagiarism and asked ” Is that a serious disease or can it be cured with the right drugs?”

CNN has answered the Fox claim with a counter suit stating they have a perfect right to be as one-sided and unfair to progressives and Liberals as Fox…and they think with their new lineup of racists and bigots they’re well on the way to replacing Fox as the biggest bunch of bullshitters on the network.

Not to be outdone by CNN  and Fox becoming  right-wing lap dogs.. ABC is also getting in the act by inviting all Tea Party panels to discuss how to get rid of the black guy  and hand America over to Paul” Attila the deficit Hum”Ryan and the Koch Brothers who want to put their cartel before the horse…

This week-end a progressive DEMOCRAT was as hard to find on the main stream media as a funny line in an entire Dennis Miller concert.

It was as hard to find as a REPUBLICAN JOB PLAN…

And as hard to find as people who didn’t ask for their money back at a Dennis  Miller Non Laugh Concert.. If this is the way its gonna be with the main stream media ..us Liberals may have to put some extreme left-wing pirate radio stations in the Great Lakes, and of the coast of Florida and the Carolinas so the playing field can get evened out.

And as stated before we need our own blondes reading the news…but lets have ’em with at least a high school education and with not have even whiff of silicone or plastic tubing… Lip gloss they can have!!

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