Is it just me or do Donald Trump. Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin,  Anne Coulter, and all the other non serious ranters use the main stream media as their own personal sex toys?

It is so obvious that Trump gets off on his new ploy to maximise his image with racist America.  Imagine him sitting at home stark naked in front of  several giant flat screens totally aroused watching himself in full frontal bigotry on six different shows ..and having an erection lasting 24/7 and loving it.

Think about Rush …with the candles and incense glowing..laid back in a huge jacuzzi ..a jar of Viagra and some high tech marital aids handy as he listens to replays of his most recent theories about blacks being inferior  because they eat too much Jello.

We could talk about how Sarah Palin and Anne Coulter get off..but there are boundaries that even this blog won’t cross 

They serve a corporate master Rupert Murdoch who gets off in a different way by using Fox News as America’s  “Blondes Dominatrix Dungeon of Misinformation & Soft Porn Site!”

So regarding the big picture we’re painting here…The media is being played for a sucker …and because soft porn is probably the 2nd biggest money-making machine in the World they are loving the ratings…

The highest money earner in the media of course is Hard Core Porn…and we hear this is where the Tea Party Governors and the GOP Congress are  headed as we approach the next elections…

We close with a imaginary picture of Mitt sitting in his living room in long magic underwear getting off on Sean  Hannity calling Obama a “left wing socialist Muslim who hates capitalism” while Anne is picking out drapes for the White House with an Angel Moroni motive.  


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