Without a doubt MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show is the most unwatchable television experience other than the horror of the continuous epic 24/7 Hannity/O’Reilly/Brett Hume masturbation.

The words “pompous pretentious hog wash” come to mind…it’s like FOX NEWS without being hilarious and without oily legged blondes… They have a blonde…Mika Brzezinski…she seems to be there just to be annoying and butt in with comments that equal those of a Miss South Carolina contestant.

Joe tells us constantly he’s a Conservative as if he’ stands alone as an MSNBC token spokesperson for The Right.. as Mika is a token spokesperson person for unpronounceable Polish names.

Of course Joe used to trot out everyone’s favorite National Socialist and Hitler admirer Pat Buchanan to scorch the earth with a blitzkrieg of bigotry from time to time as Mika shakes her head vapidly and Joe sits there and let Pat be Pat fortunately he is long gone… which is like letting Bubonic plague out in the main stream to be Bubonic plague.


At least Fox has heavy breathing sexy blondes “laying with the enemy” and making  orgasmic falsehoods up to enthrall the old geezers who populate the semi-porno white male Fox News demographics.

We hear the Morning Joe audience borders on the “slim to none” rating demographic.

So as Morning Joe sinks slowly into an ego induced decaffeinated state and Mika gets so annoying that Joe finally slaps her up side her Brzezinski ,we bid goodbye to another rant that only a privileged few ever get to read…but which my shrink tells me is important to continue or I might drive my Prius off the end of the Santa Monica pier in the mother of a Brzezinski publicity stunts..

A stunt aimed at drawing attention to the fact that most rational people can only watch about 20 seconds of any of the current shouting matches on cable and the networks before switching channels to Sponge Bob Square Pants  a show which gives you the crabs.


And by the way I cannot find any reference to Gay marriage or busting unions  in the New Testament…

Hep me Jesus because if I was carpenter you and I might be sharing the same local.



HLCL0765                                                                         UNION STRONG


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