Recently  on “radio human sludge bucket” Limbaugh might have finally blown at least half his audience .. He may also have sunk himself with the Christians that really and truly know every word of what Jesus said.

Rush busily and without much forethought misquoted the Son of God outrageously and edited his routines to satisfy his personal theory of having JESUS ON HIS SIDE when  he goes about killing the middle class with a slow agonising death!

The bottom line of his wacked out theory is that JESUS loved rich people who were treated badly by the rest of the world…WELL ITS TRUE!!! Jesus loved rich people..because JESUS loved every freakin’ body folks!!

He was the most liberal of liberals….he was a working stiff…a carpenter… if there had been unions around in those times he would’ve been there making sure collective bargaining was sacrosanct.

If Limbaugh doesn’t hear loud and strong from the bible readers about his stupid false statement then those Bible readers are the biggest bunch of hypocrites in the country..apart from those three yutz’s on Fox’s morning show.

It seems that the public has had a belly full of propaganda which even they are starting to see is a load of rich people’s fantasies as to how the country should be run AND by them!!

This country is not and never will be a playground for corporations and the super rich to frolic about in with little regulation..

That’s what they want its plain to see!! But they can’t have it…because in the end they believe their own publicity!!

Some ofd the Rogues Gallery below…

Franklin Graham with about at much real JESUS in him as Taco Bell’s mystery meat has to do with real beef…

Rush Limbaugh who says he knows more about what JESUS wants than the Pope and Larry Flynt himself.

Palin who says she can see JESUS from her house and has just seen his image in a blueberry pancake.

The right-wing CHRISTIAN Church ,with the help of Limbaugh, Hannity,Bachmann,Trump ,and  Franklin is trying to fuzzy up the line between church and state…

If the GOP want a really good look at what happens when C&S merge check out The Borgia Pope on Showtime but don’t bring the kids or any CATHOLICS with weak stomaches…

May God catch Rush in a thunder-storm and fry his fat ass with a thirty foot lightening bolt!!

He said: “What would JESUS do?” ….and then answered before Jesus could come back that’s not fair…

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