In a surprise move..seeing an opportunity to increase her visibility… another reality star threw her lip gloss in the ring this week and immediately shot ahead of the traditional favorites Mitt Romney and the rest of the lacklustre field in the main stream GOP and Tea Party poll numbers!!

SNOOKI POLIZZI the star of the JERSEY SHORES is now the person most REPUBLICAN voters think has a better chance than their current 2nd choice “Sponge Bob Square Pants”and the rest …with Donald Trump sinking into the “clown candidate” category along with Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum.

Snooki, reached while signing autographs with magic markers on the bare chests of Jersey Hunks, told the press: “No President I know should’ve  put another 10% sales tax on tanning saloons … he don’t need that but what about the rest of us?” 

CANDIDATE SNOOKI  went on to say: ” Now I’m gonna be President I’m gonna have to be more careful with my Vagina.”..

And finished by saying:

“Me and Jenny are scared to go back in the house after all this drama of me becoming the plaything of those crazy old rich guys the Koch Brothers!” 

And finally: ” How to you like these heels they make me so tall I come up to Vinny’s navel”


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  1. Snooki looks like Donald Trumps hair.

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