We just watched another blood curdling Homeland episode on Showtime. It purports to say there are two factions working in the nuclear armed Muslim controlled country of PAKISTAN. It sounds so reasonable that is really scary. THE ARGUMENT in the script makes a strong point that Muslims in that region are waiting to revenge the thousands upon thousands of deaths of their innocent loved ones killed by drone strikes aimed at terrorists who were killed but at the expense the rest of their entire families at weddings, funerals and just plain sit down dinners. Of course even in this brutality there are two sides and two explanations both can be justified by the philosophies and strategies of a war brutality.

But we are talking Muslim society and us over there in their country.  The Pakistani Government for instance allowed the Chinese to take a long and photogenic look at a new US. stealth helicopter downed during the successful Osama raid. Which side were they on then?

BACK IN THE DAY Osama was obviously hiding in plain sight…

Osama Bin Laden?..Surely somebody saw him buying that beard trimmer at the local CVS?  As Ringo sang it loud and clear the other night on the BEATLES TRIBUTE..”He got by with a little help from his friends!”

All those years and all those tears ago…BACK IN THE DAY before Bush ‘s “Mission Impossible” became  Obama’s “Mission accomplished” Bush the wimp ass war president said killing Bin Laden was “not important.” Who’s side was he on?

BACK IN THE DAY Fox News never said once that killing the enemy was a great accomplishment.. Face it …In their view the Bush aircraft carrier landing was American history at its best! Who’s side were they on? Remember Fox is owned by an ambiguous Australian and a SAUDI MUSLIM prince.

How did Osama bin Laden get to go from being the most wanted fugitive terrorist in the World to a local PAKISTANI PTA President and apparent soccer dad.?


The logical answer to this question might be that BACK IN THE DAY The Pakistan secret service was operating under the influence of a warehouse full of the highest quality bricks of Hashish or perhaps a faction of them hated us so that as much as they love to take our dollars they wanted us dead …all of us dead!! dead!! dead!!…..Or this current theory has just seen the light of day.. OBL was actually under US house arrest and was outing various Muslim terror cells around the world to the CIA. This theory says The Pentagon and the CIA persuaded Obama that they could take     without a loss of life and got the green light. So Osama was offed by an unsuspecting Obama duped by  the CIA when he ceased to be useful.

It’s probably not much of a stretch for this to sound plausible to a structured screenwriter..personally it sounds ridiculous but then  again Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER was governor of California so let’s just say it would not take that much of an imagination to say you didn’t need surveillance cameras s to discover the six-foot nine tall Saudi guy with the beard, the AK 47 strapped to his burnous and the six wives buying linens at BED BATH and BEYOND wasn’t your regular Muslim house husband and the “Housewives  of Karachi”. 

Who knew it was the most wanted terrorist of all time?

Everybody with a brain and a camera phone…that’s who.

And America is to this day STILL giving Pakistan billions of tax dollars a year to be our ally.But who’s side of their side is on our side…With allies like this who needs enemies? 

Meanwhile back home here we’re STILL being rimmed out by far worse terrorists than Pakistan right now. We just voted for the Christian extremists in this country to kill us faster than the Muslims will. These CHRISTIANS hate everyyone who doesn’t believe in their perception of religion.  They don’t need to be screened to get here…they were born here…they are not being  watched by the  CIA …Some of them are probably in the CIA…They’re definitely in the armed forces.

Stand by for more Koch Brothers inspired massive cuts in welfare, education, environmental protection, pensions, health care, and everything to do with the arts. But not in military spending.

Pakistan STILL takes our tax-cash and uses it to allow the Taliban and Al Qaeda to join country clubs and local bowling leagues on their days off from ambushing our military. We can  surmise that there are two factions fighting each other on this Muslim country to control their destiny as a free nation.

What we really have to ask ourselves however when we take a good hard look at this country and this last election…Who’s side is the Republican Party on.

Just know this …both Pakistan and The United Stares might soon be run by religious fanatics with nuclear weapons.  


6 Responses

  1. Hey genius, those millions of tax dollars arent ‘given’ to pakistan, they’re used by the US marines stationed in pakistan. And even if any are donated for the sake of charity, no victims ever get it, its gets transferred to our president’s bank account in usa or somewhere.

    • not sure i agree…but what do i know…don’t like the drone attacks at all…but this blog is popular with many ..both sides..making a point..thats what its all about really…

  2. You gotta be kidding me!!!

    Goes to show how deceived an average american is, when the greatest intelligence network in the world couldn’t see 9/11 happening how do you expect a third world country with a corrupt leadership and slacky public institutions do any better? With thousands of pakistanis being killed in suicide bombings all over the country, causing an already poor economy to crumble further, Pakistan is the only one paying the real price of the war on terror.

    And if you have the slightest of understanding of how IMF already has the country begging, the all mighty billion dollar aid from america goes back to economic terrorists without having the slightest effect on the situation of the country or its suffering people. OBL was believed to be in US custody for quite some time and only surfaced when the administration thought was “the opportune moment”.

    Here’s my question… “even since the war on terror, how many american citizens have died in any/all terrorist attacks on american soil?”

    • u got a point there…corruption goes both ways however…always..

  3. Ok,, Ok,, Again,
    actually, we are misslead the way we cant imagine,
    let’s not talk about any bias, not about any discrimination,
    let’s talk about a world of peace for every one, for Americans, for Pakistanies, for all..
    yes, we can take steps towards this goal which looks like difficult, yet it is possible,
    yes possible, if we do something in this way, i am a Muslim, i have a faith that anyone, fromany race from any faith should live a life that is endowed by Allah,
    i do love everybody on earth, because so than i will be loved.
    lets make this world for us not for biased thoughts.
    see, how we can change everything.

    keep thinking and be positive.

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