In a stunning development in BEVERLY HILLS today Kim Kardashian, after looking at the loser GOP candidates …has decided to run for PRESIDENT in 2016

Kim will run on an independent ticket creating a new political group called the ‘Self indulgent Party!”

Kim stated last night:”I’m sick of all this talk about deficits and stuff, like its time to who cares about stupid stuff like education and health…I’ve got enough money to never have to care about that crap.”

Kim continued:” I can concentrate on the important things that every woman wants… a hard bodied man and a soft mink coat. Americans needs to party on down and get on the front cover of magazines without ever having to do anything that resembles real work!”


“I know all about the “body politic” part of politics..just look at my body … I’m gorgeous and humble too!

My dad was a lawyer and so he taught me how to speak out of both sides of my cute adorable mouth. I’m perfect for that great picture they put in America’s International airports on the arrival tunnels. Wouldn’t it be great to see these breasts looking down at you rather than a little man with road kill his head, or a war criminal’s pudgy looking brother, or a Canadian with a Cuban father who thinks gay people should be burnt at the stake or another Clinton in pants.


Kim went on to say” I can win this ..seriously …but right now I have to get a manicure.”


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