“Gingrich redux joke celebration!”


Newt Gingrich running for PRESIDENT was essentially an old wives tale!

Newt Gingrich running for PRESIDENT was like “Bowling for Dollars “without a bowling ball or any dollars.

Newt Gingrich running of PRESIDENT was  like suspending morality,sanity and reality.

Newt Gingrich running for PRESIDENT was as tough a nut to swallow as a nut like Trump pretending to run for anything…

Newt had as much chance of winning the nomination as Lindsay Loham has of  seeing Rehab really work 

Newt was rushed to the emergency room last night suffering from a bad case of ‘sore loser.’

Newt and Callista proved that the family that buys diamonds together stays together .  

Newt will endorse Romney for a million bucks and the financing of a book tour.

To help pay off their debts  Calllista will become a spokesperson for the Hair Helmet

Die hard Gingrich supporters will hold their final meeting at the Starbucks on the corner of 5th and Main.

To further defray costs Gingrich will sell thirty “portly” suits to Governor Chris Christie who will have them altered to make two suits.

Fox News will hire some thugs to keep Newt from attempting to become a regular commenator.

Newt’s courting of the religious fundementalist right came to a crashing halt when Callista went to kiss a snake and frightened the crap  out of it. 

Newt was caught cynically watching weight watchers !


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