Lindsay Lohan for best parole violation in an actress with too much Botox

Arnold for best comeback bomb while paying child support for his housekeeper’s kid.

Ted Nugent for best fake patriot with a big gun and a tiny penis.

Donald Trump for best imitation of a guy buying the New York Times when  he can’t afford a cab fare.

Keith Urban for best “Idol miscasting” of the year.

Rush Limbaugh for best man masturbating through a mouth.

Sean Hannity for being gay for hate.

Michelle Malkin for best insane bitch who needs to get laid.

Rand Paul best short fact impaired little dumb rude shit going nowhere.

Clint Eastwood for best example of not quitting while you still have some dignity left.

Sarah Palin for best woman with nothing going on between her ears.

Steve Doocy for best morning show host who most resembles an open sore.







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