“SAVE THE DAY”………………..




As forecasts of doom descend upon us due to the REPUBLICAN death grip on the polls , the voting rights of  minorities , and the Fascist Supreme Courts majority handing the country over to the 1% to further f*ck it up… here are some other doomsday thoughts for us all.

 Paul Ryan (The Republican Rasputin) becoming the chairman of the Ways and Means committee . Ryan who seems to be leading his party and the Tea Party which combines the anarchists party, the anti-humanity party , the anti old people party , the anti kids and health care parties into hitting an American voter iceberg that will put a huge hole in the future of the GOP deficit myth of making America safe!  His plan is as unpopular as Dennis Miller is with anyone vaguely connected with humor.  Instead of modifying their MEDICARE position the GOP …under Paul’s Svengali eye he’s doubling down on the middle class and the poor to take the brunt of the cuts in his latest budget.  The rich are protected and nurtured in his hair brain and cruelly unfair plans. Will we come to this?


NATE SILVER ,the guru of the polls, telling us that the GOP might take over control of the Senate while also STILL controlling the Congress rendering the Obama administration and the US Government  almost useless. This will allow the crazies and the corporate shills to undo what little recovery there is.

How this can be is totally beyond most rational thinking as at least 85% of the country thinks Congress sucks and the Tea Party are insane religious nuts. If what Silver is saying proves correct will America be voting for its own destruction both economically, socially and DEMOCRATICALLY?.

…And far beyond all of this looms a simple and ominous threat that the rich and powerful don’t want you to know that much about ..and goodness knows why not because they’re gonna go down with the rest of us.


Religion …the worst thing that ever happened to us …tells it’s various believers in what ever Deity those followers follow “Trust in GOD!” 

The World’s most important scientists and thinkers are asking all of us to “trust in them”.

What they are saying is what Charlton Heston said in the last words of  “Planet of the Apes” ..


So basically when you look at our present belief systems, our forms of Democracy and reliance on a World economy dominated by the obscenely rich non sensitive Oligarchs who are oblivious to our environmental needs for just plain physical World survival …we can only turn one way to fight this terrifying problem.

                       “MIGHTY MOUSE CAN SAVE THE DAY!”




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