Rather than killing in the polls …and even with their own constituents… the  GRAND OLD PARTY is killing itself with its blind “head on” obedience to a vastly unpopular agenda they’ve embraced to a man woman and what ever a tea partner is.

And it couldn’t happen to a nicer whiter party of “heads in the sands of time” politicians. 

Paul Ryan virulent attacks on the popular government MEDICARE AND MEDICAID programs  benefitting millions of people of all ages and social standards are giving the DEMOCRATS a political weapon of mass destruction. 

Paul Ryan’s parent murdering DEATH OF MEDICARE ideas are as popular as a day of root canal…

They are so unpopular that people polled say they would like having scorpions in their pants better than losing their long-term health care programs.

Paul Ryan is so unpopular that his parents are telling people he was adopted.

His deficit plan to destroy old people’s government assisted Medicare has made them so mad he was the victim and a hit and run by an pissed of old lady with a walker… and that was his grandmother!    

Unless these arrogant mindless fanatics who broach no criticism  of their loser schemes wake up and smell the odds piling up against them they may be cruisin’ for a bruisin’  worse than a Mike Tyson ear ripping.

Could there be signs that some REPUBLICANS might see the stupidity of their counter productive fanaticism?

At the moment they stand together as the party on a suicide watch.

Of course Paul and the extremists might know something we don’t know like the Koch Brothers , the Supreme Court, the Oil companies , the insurance companies , the Christian Right ,Wall Street and the people who work the voting machines already have the country by the balls  and will bring them the grim reaper but it’ll be to kill DEMOCRACY as well as Paul Ryan’s parents and everyone else. 

And of course the main stream media’s insistence of giving the Right every opportunity to spew their garbage without any solid opposition on the Sunday talk shows which resemble an evening of Apple Martini’s and ass kissing at Karl Rove’s house.  That to some of us is the kiss of death!!  

Meanwhile at a PAUL RYAN text message………………………………………… 

“Mom…dad…I got you covered …but granddad’s 103…we really just gotta let the old geezer croak!!!”

2 Responses

  1. Good post. Republicans seem to believe their own PR and lies and BS polls. We can only hope they continue to do this.

    • thanks for the comment Madeleine…helsp me keep writing every day even when I have to get up early so it doesn’t get in the way of the rest of lifer..

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