In a not surprising statement from Fox News today SEAN HANNITY blamed the President for all the  Tornado that have ever happened !!

 ONE STORY STARTED BY FOX’S STEVE DOOCY seems logical to Fox news viewers.

Doocy’s logic… to some Fox viewers… is perfectly sound.  People from “the show me state” always vote for the GOP..So the LEFT WING government weather reporters …who are liberals and socialists …withheld information about the Tornado watches so it would destroy Americans and Obama would blame the TEA PARTY.



“Air Force One’s jet stream taking the grandstanding President out of his  country so he could satisfy his giant ego with all  free trips at the tax payers expense to Europe with his entire family… always cause giant disturbances in the atmosphere.”  

SEAN will have Sarah Palin on his show tonight who will explain why she’s never been in a Tornado because she has not been able to find one on a map.

Sean’s ratings have gone into the proverbial toilet of late but Fox and Sean say this is because Sean’s guests have been disagreeing with him too much.

Roger Ailes has had some of them horsewhipped and with others had the whippings withheld due to the fact that they enjoyed that kind of thing. 

These guests are being replaced with life-sized puppets who will be operated by members of the Koch Brothers  theatrical group.

Tomorrow SEAN intends to reveal that while recently in Europe President Obama molested the entire kitchen staff of Buckingham Palace male and female.

SEAN ALSO WILL CONTEND THAT OBAMA’S trips  will bring us closer to war with Holland as he accused the Dutch of having one too many dykes.

He will conclude tonight’s show by speaking with Franklin Graham who will tell him that Obama has a 666 tattoo on his buttocks and that he’s a chain-smoking heretic.  

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