ITS THAT TIME AGAIN..ONCE A YEAR ONLY!! THE PAT BUCHANAN JOKE FESTIVAL ..celebrating the biggest joke on NBC News…The 3rd. Reich loving guy who never saw a goose stepping SS officer he didn’t admire PAT “What was so wrong with Hitler?” Buchanan!!

How any network still has Pat sitting anywhere near a camera and a mike and allows him to even talk about the weather is beyond comprehension…but there he is folks.. and here we are with some jokes at his expense .

Pat asked his priest last week how many Hail Mary’s he’d have to say for hating the colored?”

Pat is still working off his 1956 calendar with a quill and a lantern.

Pat’s idea of the perfect evening of guests would be Attila the Hun, Himmler, Richard Nixon and the Spanish Inquisition!

In a recent séance Pat attended …Goebbels came in and said: “You’re doing a great job Buchy!”

Pat is in the middle of updating “MEIN KAMPF” to include less about the Jews and more about the trains running on time.

Pat’s point of view of Obama was recently immortalised by an extreme right-wing Christian church as the 11th commandment. 

Due to his virulent put down of the immigration laws Pat has been banned from Taco Bell and Panda Express…






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  1. Funny and true with a perfect punchline.

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