When the GOP is denying there’s any proof of global warming and twin tornadoes land in Springfield Mass.!!

When  that same  group of anti-people DENIERS try to hold the country hostage over their failed attempts to change the public’s basic government’s popular Medicare…

AS SICK PEOPLE IN THE RED STATES THAT REFUSED THE ACA HEALTH PLAN DIE NEEDLESSLY THEIR ELECTED OFFICIALS GLOAT WITH THE JOY OF BLAMING OBAMACARE FOR THE DEATHS… which make no sense what so ever …but resonates withe the old white people who hate black people and use the PRESIDENT as their whipping boy while literally dying through through their ignorance and lack of knowledge that the very man they hate could’ve saved their stupid bigoted lives …

This of course is called KARMA

When those same denying ass wipes are talking about closing down the healthy school lunch programs while touting tax relief for the rich and continued subsidies for the oil companies…When denier Louisianian Bobby Jindal says :”Its time to storm Washington and start a revolution to win back America for Christians by throwing out the godless Liberals” We have front row seats at the theater of the absurd

As the top of denier Bill O’Reilly head blows off….as denier SEAN HANNITY goes totally berserk asking Fox blondes  if “circumcised size” matters?.


This is the state of the union. This is the state of our society..we’re covering the con artists of the American political system like they’re media Gods…We follow this publicity crazed ego tripping bunch around and millions of cretins sop up the lies and the racism…none of this is new…in fact we rail constantly on this blog about it…but it needs to be railed upon due to the other side’s railing and railing …we must rail on their parade..its about time their playing field was evened up and railed upon.

Fox News is Nero fiddling with (the truth) as  we like to call “Rome” burns …

Roger and the gang want Rome (US)to burn, they want to see the country implode , they have no answers just put downs and things like “let’s send troops” here and “let’s send troops there.” …AND WHAT EVER IT IS OBAMA DID IT..and we’re just so above it …

THEIR BIGGEST WISH TO TO SAY” WE TOLD YOU SO!” as the country gets attacked by terrorists and the economy tanks big time…

Millions of people out of work:  “WE TOLD YOU SO!” Bubonic plague “WE TOLD YOU SO!” 

We’re all gonna die from climate change…we can’t breath.. the food is all chemically fucked up, the children are all growing up stupid, we don’t have enough money to buy groceries…we all dying because we can’t get medical treatments…Okay you told us all this was going to happen…so why didn’t you help to stop it…?


“We want to take our country back”…but what if you don’t have a country to take back?










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  1. Good one, CB!

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