jesusisforleaseAtheist hackers today were able to get into a secret detailed web questionnaire from the dating site Christian Mingle.

The controversial questions are for Christian men and  Christian women.

Basically the web site states “If you wanted to mingle and get off with a narrow framed inclusive Biblical correct tingle.” then check your answers to the following God-fearing questions: 

The list below contains some of the shocking queries.

#1  Women …have you ever used the expression “Mother of Mercy!!” while seeing a man’s scrotum?

#2. Men… have you ever used the words “Holy Sh*t  when seeing a pair of giant clangers?

#3. Men… have you ever used “The Parting of the Red Sea” as a suggestion to your date to get down and funky?

#4. Women… have you ever been fooled by a fake Evangelist into thinking you were kissing a snake instead of a part of the fake Evangelist  aroused anatomy?

#5. Both sexes…do you believe in abstinence only on a first date and every other date after that… even if you’re horny… so help you God?

#6.Women …when you get married do you believe in resting on the seventh day even if your husband is a Viagra freak?

#7. Both sexes…When the rapture comes and you’re sucked out of your clothes will you look at other women’s breasts or other guys woodies on the way up.

#8. If during the rapture an injured Liberal asked you for directions to the Emergency Room will you tell them to go in the completely wrong direction taking them to their eternal damnation?

#9. Would you attach an explosive device to the limo of a couple going happily to their  a “same-sex marriage” ?

#10. Women …will you promise to obey your husband even if he turns out to be like Marcus Bachmann?

#11 Women… when your husband wants to play the popular Southern Bible video game”Sodom and Gomorrah” will you pretend to turn to a pillar of salt while he has his way with the baby sitter?

#12. Men… when your wife does the dance of the 7 veils for the cable guy will you treat it like a faithful illustration of a favorite bible story or will you think your wife is a heathen dancing slut?   

#13 Will you promise not to ask where Cain and Abel’s wives came from?


” I know you never listen to me but just this is one time just don’t look ba…..oi!  …too late…


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