AND THE ANSWER COMES BACK LOUD AND CLEAR!   NO!!!..Unless you like frozen mullet!

Tea Party men might argue this point as they have the hots for Sarah Palin…ever since she made the center fold of Field and Stream wearing nothing but a twelve gauge.. 

Rumor has it she’s appearing in the next LL BEAN promoting her new line of camouflage lingerie with the cute little dead duck motive in the appropriate strategic places . But somehow waking up in the morning  next to Sarah and Todd doesn’t appeal.

Michele Bachman appealed to men who don’t mind hearing the same dialogue ..over and over again…and who can look into Michele’s glassy stare and see something besides actual glass!

Michele has been married for 30 years and has 23 children mostly adopted …she has about as much times for sex as Fox News has for anything vaguely resembling the truth. This fits in perfectly with Michele as she also hasn’t found anything she can’t fabricate into total TEA PARTY bulls twang! 

BACHMANN can make stuff up quicker than a llahma can spit

Fox News blondes might fit the bill as hot sexy Republican women …but they’re not so into politics as they are into Botox and quivering thigh enhancements  …but they do count as being able to get the right-wing guys more interested in the price of oil…as long as its being applied to their legs.

Fox News has a special “BLONDE friendly” website just for Southern Red Neck stalkers and pretend  horny Christian Congressmen. It gets over a 1,000,000 views an hour and has twice shut down the site due to pixel abuse. 

Anne Coulter has sex appeal for those GOP men who like their women tall, blonde rude,crude and objectionable. We hear Ted Nugent feels he’s a kindred spirit. He’s told friends he’d like to rub Anne’s legs together and make a roaring fire!!

After that the pickings are even more bare.  

Callista Gingrich and Liz Cheney need to meet some really great gay hair people because who ever touches their hair right now didn’t make the grade at a strip mall Super Cuts! ..and are probably amputees.

So the GOP isn’t the place to go for sexy women…but then again there’s always Hooters…but that’s so Liberal it’d make those TEA PARTY guys run outta there screaming…


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