Before there was SNL, before there was Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, there was the hugely successful comedy show “Laugh In” in the 60’s. Here’s an actual joke from that breakthrough show this is from the year 1968.

NEWS OF THE FUTURE:  1985: “Washington Tuesday… Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President of the United States today.” (HUGE LAUGH!) 

Is America ready for another supply side dummy..Say Jeb Bush?

 They loved bro’ George for a while and he was as dumb as Houston heifer in a haystack. They loved him when he said things like:

“See a C student just like you can  get to be PRESIDENT!”

They even forgave him when he said he wanted to put “food on every American”.. Hell!!! that idiot got reelected and ran for a 2nd term and he was a blithering buffoon and a rich man’s corporate lackey son..as well as a war criminal who killed US troops and thousands of innocent civilians whom he falsely put in harm’s way.

Same with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a muscle-bound numb skull who didn’t even know how to pronounce the name of the state he was governing . A serial groper, a maid screwing moron who drove California into a deficit nightmare in a Humvee.Hell he got re-elected in one of the most Liberal states in the country. WTF?

So now we have a NEW GOP line up of ridiculous inadequate candidates with the combined excitement and mystery of an early evening senior lawn bowling tournament. 

Where is all the GOP excitement coming from?

Rand and Ted the twin towers of babbling bullsh*t??

Well we have a good example of how the right-wing propaganda machine will swing into action  as it did in the Bush and Arnold victories for stupid idiots.   


Liberal and main stream Americans went to sleep at the wheel..that’s how!. DEMOCRATS just weren’t organized and the TEA PARTY FANATICS WERE.

Will this happen again with the massive Koch/SCOTUS push for a 1% ruling class.?

The general public is looking at what they did and they’re sh*tting in their middle class trousers. ..but is it too late to stop this tragedy.

The duped people voted in the most dictatorial bunch of extremist corporate worshiping corrupt bully boys of all time. at those midterms.

Scott Walker in Wisconsin the “Madison Mussolini” is so far up the Koch Brothers ass he needs a new batteries for his flashlight. His agenda is so far right his jack boots are showing.  

Wisconsin’s TEA PARTY recently voted to make it more difficult for the successful micro beer brewers  to stay in business. This is about as transparently pro-mega brewery as you could get.Now their minions want to vote to secede from the USA. The party of professed ‘smaller’ government throwing their own small business under the micro-bus! This is the portent of the tsunami of mass destruction of small businesses if the American people are so disenchanted with Obama that they let the wave of tax cutting crazed mega extremist Right wingers back into power in the Senate and then the White House. 

And whom better to lead this take over in 2016?



After six months as President she’ll get offered to host America  Idol and she’ll quit!   


 “You don’t have to be that smart to be President just look good in a hat and nod a lot!” 


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  1. Bravo Chris! loved it.

    • THANKS

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