What is the TEA PARTY? …It’s the brainchild of the rich and powerful…born in the fetid swamps of heartless corporate America…by the super rich 1% tax dodging oil worshiping polluters.  Fox News and it’s blondes are TEA PARTY darlings..and they have the party line down pat. 

Lower those corporate taxes down to sub-zero!!

Kill those unions!!

Annihilate the EPA!

Free government medicine for the masses.!!.. 

Tax the middle class and the poor.

The Step-Fox wives are  the perfect TEA PARTY storm troopers of an anti-government anti-women’s rights Koch brother’s mouthpiece.    

 That’s what the TEA PARTY is and its ignorant followers are marching off the cliff of their own ultimate destruction as they are following the words and deeds of people who do not have their best interests at heart but only the interests of Paul Ryan’s billionaire masters…Ryan and the philosophy of trickle down might be happening sooner than we want as the mid terms loom.

THE OIL CAN HARRY’S of America ..The Koch Brothers and their FASCIST minions…   These Machiavellians want a dumb America and the Tea Party dupes are the shock troops of the stupid masses…and by the way these are the people who fear God while thinking a white Jesus is on their side!   

“The Tea Party’s roots are  darker than  Lady Gaga’s!”

“The Tea Party’s followers have never seen an Obama poster they don’t want to draw a mustache  on. 

The Tea Party folks think Fox News is the “Gospel according to St.Sean.”

“When a Tea Party member gets into a taxi the driver leaves the vacant sign up”

“A Tea Party wife we know is still looking for the recipe for ice cubes”

“This same Tea Party woman takes an hour to cook minute rice.”    

“One of the Fox Blondes  campaign workers was caught with sensitivity and was laughed out of the room

“The TEA PARTY want to hold a million people march in Washington but nobody knew how to get there.

 * NOTE:  2 jokes in this festival are adaptations of dumb blonde work out which ones…


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