img_1190325658944_981So the dunderhead in the Clark Kent glasses is sending the National Guard to the Texas border to show those lousy Hispanics he means business. He’s in the business of appearing like a Presidential candidate who wants to frighten already frightened kids and, if elected, will  be sending the message that he would attack MEXICO if it blinked.

We’re witnessing another would be dictator making a massive miscalculation at a border between two sovereign nations. Sound familiar?

its working out well for Vladimir right now eh?

Chicano Comic Paul Rodriguez in one of his routines asked the question “What if all the MEXICANS  suddenly got up and left and took the rest of the Hispanics with them

We would be up shit creek in a matchbox.

The immediate result would be very dirty stinky houses…screwed up landscaping … the collapse of the construction  industry, nobody to run the garbage trucks, slaughter the cattle. run the fast food industry, drive the buses, wash the cars, cook the food in the restaurants or watch soccer or the Kings.

Public schools across the country would thin out, Wal-Mart would start to go under, the farming industry would be history and there would be no more need for Arizona to ask anyone to show their papers.

Congress would look even more stupid and the MEXICANS  building the fences to keep the other MEXICANS out would be gone too.

White people would have to look to the black people to do the jobs of the missing brown people. .Because white people no way possible want to” go menial!

“Yuk!! Clean up after myself…are you kidding?”

The black people will say:”Well you’d better start by getting millions of our asses out of your jails and out of the hood and start paying us a good wage … we ain’t yo’ slaves no mo!

America would quickly be brought to its knees as the corp-o-exploited cheap Hispanic labor force disappeared and American unions reared their worker’s rights heads again demanding a fair wage and conditions for America’s depleted work force.

The reality is we malign, insult , deport, rip family’s apart in the Hispanic work force in the United States while using the others as the near slaves of the 21 century to do our dirty work.. the stuff we don’t  want to touch with our lily-white much older family immigrant hands and attitudes…

Right now the white bigots and red neck “Fox’s Fools” are marching, some of them  with weapons, showing their narrow-minded racism. They say keep the illegals out!! But this is not a simple easy to fix ‘slogan oriented” problem. As already stated big business would suffer if the Hispanics stopped working. So on one hands they need the core Right radical voter who wants a “white America” and on the other hand they need the cheap slave labor..What to do…? Easy…Dupe the idiots into voting for what they think they’re gonna get and then f*ck them big time when you own the nation.

Its all in a Koch Brothers memo.

People who can’t see this, like the millions of flaming idiots that watch Fox News, have no idea what it will be like under the thumb of a “corporate Christian one party system” as they too become slaves to the greed of the 1%.

The home-grown Mexican Americans and the other legal Hispanic American workers however don’t have to leave to make a point as their numbers grow and grow …A decade from now they  won’t just be “going to Disneyland” they’ll be owning it. They won’t be able to kill or intern all of them and then if Rick Perry is still on the planet he might be working at Taco Bell…food for thought eh!

“Viva Mickey Mouse !”



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