As many followers of this blog know we have an aversion to DENNIS MILLER.

We collectively think DENNIS MILLER is as funny as an outbreak of Bubonic Plague.

DENNIS’ humor fills auditoriums with rabid fans…usually because of the promise of 200 rounds of free ammunition.

DENNIS’ is not however a racist he does ‘white people put down jokes’ …white people who live in NEW YORK.

We think a DENNIS MILLER performance is like a Ted Nugent concert without music and laughs.

We think that Dennis Miller’s last concert in Buffalo New York  was responsible for the mass migration of local Americans to Niagara Falls Canada.

The reason for the “hate on” is obvious. When all else failed…his late night show….his Monday Night Football commentating career…his concert appearances …Dennis went “right-wing rogue” and joined Fox as its resident funny guy.

Fox News in general is about as funny as being kicked in the groin by an angry bull moose…but when DENNIS  showed up and started doing right-wing humor  it became as funny as passing a kidney stone the size of a Rush Limbaugh’s head 

This leads us to: “Why aren’t there any REPUBLICAN comedy shows?’

Liberals are boring. They believe in things., they are earnest and don’t get that uptight about stuff. Their women use less Botox…and never appear on Fox News…

Even Liberal sex scandals are weirdly different from the GOP’s sex scandals.

Antony Weiner…harmless photos of his dick… John Edwards making a baby with a plain-looking woman…Big Dog goes intern!

Over at the Right Wing …sex in diapers with hookers, sex in airport toilets…Adultery while wife is in the cancer ward…much funnier…

When GOP perverts  do stupid stuff they ask God for forgiveness after they’ve been found out like “dressed as a Rampant Rooster with a hooker dressed as Colonel Sanders”. I know I did wrong screwing Colonel Sanders but I spoke to Jesus and he forgave me …so help me Jimmy Swaggert!”

Liberals perverts don’t asked Jesus to forgive them, ..they just lawyer up.

Back to Dennis Miller… what ever comedy he had left in him had the sh+t kicked out of it when he joined Bill O’Reilly for a nightly festival of laugh less embarrassment. He’ so strident GERMAN SHEPHERDS can hear him for 20 miles…

A paying gig is one thing but a comedian who tries too hard dies on the vine of opportunism.

Dennis’ agent has told him to find a performing dog in his act…so at least a few Indian Casinos will book him.



3 Responses

  1. Loathe Miller. He used to be funny and then 9/11 just killed him inside and he is impossible to listen to now.

    • poor guy…

  2. I never thought he was funny, and I sorta disliked the people that did. It seemed to me the people that thought his act was hilarious needed to prove something intellectually. Perhaps metaphors and sarcasm wasn’t all that funny to me… I prefer the absurd…but then I’d be laughing at him now. If 9/11 changed him, why did it change him into a divisive figure instead of a uniting one?

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