How anyone with a brain in their skulls can look at the current political situation both in Washington and in the GOP run states and not see that we’re nearing the death throes of Democracy is beyond me .

If we are ever stupid enough to elect a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT into power after watching what the REPUBLICAN governors have wrought on their states… to such an effect that there is open revolt amongst the people ..then we will become a country in turmoil beyond anyone’s present understanding.

The corpo-criminal Koch Brothers think tanks funded with millions and millions of dollars ..the well organised FOX NEWS lies. and the GOP lock step bribed politicians in both houses in Washington are slowly but surely beating this country’s average man and woman  and even their children into submission.

The weak and  also  CORRUPT Democratic party can’t seem to gather itself together to even come close to combating this situation.

It seems SOMETIMES like we’re a  doomed society trying desperately to keep itself out of the quicksands of a complete corporate take over of our lives.

Where is the compassion we used to have for each other?  Where is the fairness and the honesty in dealing with situations?

Well I have a theory and you’ll forgive me for airing out here..after all this is my blog.

This whole current situation can be laid at the feet of REALITY TV.

Before there was REALITY TV ..even REPUBLICANS were civil to other people..they didn’t want to rip social security checks from the cold dead hands of their parents and grand parents.

Before REALITY TV people didn’t on the tube didn’t call each other “assholes” and “bitches” and put them down because they were fat or weak or smelled bad.  They didn’t have punch ups and kicking matches…cruelty was not a high rating demographic like it is now.

This cannot change right now …but when REALITY TV goes the way of WESTERNS and VARIETY shows on TV and is replaced with “The Deepak Chopra Spiritual Awakening Comedy Hour” and “The Woody Harrelson Gardening Complete Experience”..

We can look forward to the disgusting inhuman behaviour of the Grand  Old Party which isn’t grand anymore and isn’t even a party but a bunch of bought and paid for lackeys and tone-deaf thugs doing the bidding of the super rich who don’t even care about the lackeys and thugs..and would f*ck them over quicker than Sarah Palin can quite a bus tour.



2 Responses

  1. Could not agree more. As G.K. Chesterton heard from his colleagues on becoming a Christian “Christianity never worked!” Chesterton replied “that’s because its never been tried!”
    Or take Ghandi who said “I admire Christ but not Christians!”
    Today’s republicans wave the Constitution and the Bible but totally ignore what’s
    written therein.
    The hypocrisy is total and overwhelming. What not try some Christian tenets like feeding the poor and helping one’s neighbor!?
    My best friend is a Jew and he is more Christian than any of these “so-called” family values republicans.

    • thanks for the comment…when a society damns it’s poor, its infirmed and its aged ..it is not bound by the ethics of Jesus…or Ghandi ..or any great humantarian thinker..it is bound by power and greed and cruelty.


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