Palin’s long time missing tour bus found in New Jersey being refitted as a two door coupe for Gov.Chris Christie.

Gov.Chris says he’d have a same-sex marriage vote in New Jersey for breakfast…lunch  …dinner… a late snack and a semi trailer full of frozen pizza.

Kirstie Alley has lost so much weight she will now be known as only Kirstie.

Rick Perry Gov. of TEXAS has just told his followers that God made his hair and then rested.

Scott Walker in Wisconsin is so unpopular in his state his best friends are calling him “Sam “

There’s a rumor that the Koch Brothers were actually Siamese Twins joined at their daddy’s pocketbook.

Network News Sunday talk  is so biased towards the REPUBLICANS.. to even things up the DEMOCRATS are taking out ads during the shows.

MEET the PRESS ‘ David Gregory being accused of trending so GOP his hair-line is looking like Sean Hannity’s.

Jon Stewart has been given a restraining order keeping him 6 miles away of the Fox News Studios.  

The Fox News’ bogus editing facility blew up last night due to over use! 

Photos are reported about to released proving that John Boehner is orange all over!!


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