ANTI-PEOPLE PARTY………………………………..

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the REPUBLICAN party just doesn’t like people.

The question is ..”If they finally win and they’ve eliminated all the people they don’t like’s that any kind of victory?”

They’ll have the Southern States for sure…most of the white folks down there don’t like people who don’t look like their kinda people….and if they can suppress the vote strongly enough the only people who’ll be able to vote will be the “anti-other people people!”

It’ll be a white people paradise just what the South would love to get back to…and this time they won’t have to lose a war…just that little thing known as DEMOCRACY.

Meanwhile in the Mid and the North of their perfect storm of an “Un-United States” .. the GOP Anti-People Party Governors are already attacking most of the people in their states. Union people, teacher people, old people, young people, women people, poor people, gay people and any other people who just don’t look white or Christian enough to conform to the REPUBLICAN standards of what narrow image they want people to be.

The Republican party wants dumb people!

Dumb people do what they’re Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush who did the bidding of the Wall Street People and helped make the United States people less than what they were before the trickle down bullshit that stopped “people power” and gave us “corpo-non-people power.”

So the question arises …”How does the anti people party get any people to vote for them?”

This is the real connudrum …In other words are there enough American people who can unwittingly be persuaded to commit economic and social suicide while thinking they’re protecting their way of life which in an instant will be snatched away from them too?

So “let’s get our people to talk to their people” may be our only hope apart from calling Barbra Streisand.


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