The tone-deaf cruelty and lack of caring for the average Joe and Josephine.. and even Joe the freakin’ Plumber is now in evidence with the TEA-PUBLICANS and it will be the end of their brief seeming comeback.

The TEA-PUBLICANS are playing with themselves if they think that doing the “middle class take down” is really going to work for them in the long run. No way Jose!

As the middle class slowly wakes up to the letting of Fox News into their hen house..they may eventually want to take Sean Hannity out behind the wood shed and do some spanking of their own.


The TEA-PUBLICAN base is… in a word:.. “base!”….VERY BASE!!!

The TEA PUBLICAN “base” is the rotten end of a decaying and out of touch philosophy being desperately propped up by big business who want to destroy decent wages and benefits for their workers and their fearful white bigot minions scared shitless of the great brown /’black/yellow/and Green and Rainbow colored take over of their extremist white male dominated fake-Christian America.

An America that has long since gone but lives on through the GOP and its surrogates as a completely out of touch lock step spent force ready to do the Susan Sarandon in the Thunderbird thing off a cliff routine rather than compromise.

The TEA-PUBLICANS, under the guise of looking like a real political force, are acting like petulant high schoolers with the most childlike immature posturing since somebody actually allowed midget brained Glenn Beck to poison the airwaves.   It is the theater of the absurd…like a Monty Python sketch…we expect them to acting like “Department of Silly Walks” any day now!

Where did they find “silly” Eric Cantor… a man completely unaware of his lack of political acumen and of his own personal stupidity when ever he opens a mouth. A man who looks like his suit is wearing him!!

The main stream media, Fox News and the Koch Brothers Cartel who own the GOP are spanking their own monkey if they think their money and influence can beat the smart black guy.

May the best idea win!



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