Bill Maher this week in his “New Rules”segment talked about the stupidity of any middle class person who would vote in the primaries and general election for a REPUBLICAN knowing what they currently stand for.

The GOP openly expressed policy is to “protect the rich 1% of the American people from the other 99%!”

They live it …they breathe it.. they go on the talk shows and say it as loudly and clearly as Marcus Bachman is a prisoner in his own closet! 

As clearly as Rupert Murdoch’s ass is being put through a perfect British left-wing storm of a media wringer!

As clearly as 99% of shoppers at Costco have fake businesses.

You can see and hear the GOP’s vision of a Conservative (business party)  America on all the talk shows and from the ordinary average sad “lock step” conservative person having to work on Sunday to keep his family in instant  Macaroni and Cheese. Good “duped people” who cannot see the forest for the cruel corporate jungle out there.

***Here is some of the GOP’s current stances in case you’ve missed it: 


“No more government handouts for people who can’t afford an education, private schools or nothing!

“No more hand outs for people who cannot get a job because we’ve sent their jobs to those hard-working 12 year old’s in Bangladash…just let thopse losers become homeless and not get a life!” 

“No more free health care for your old folks…and no more social security ..just roll over and die!!”  

“We don’t need your silly minimum wage!”

“We don’t want you workers to have a say in what companies pay you..we’ll pay you what we damn well like so help us Wal-Mart!”

In other words America eat sh*t and die!!

RELIGIOUS TERRORIST factions in the Middle East have such influence on their fanatical followers that they can persuade them to strap on ready to wear plastic explosive fashion statements and blow themselves up for their believes. 

In America right now polls say 40% of Americans appear to be GOP

Who are these people?….Could they be “suicide voters?”

Republicans seem ready to strap on more of the destructive devices that destroyed our economy and our place in an ever-changing economic world for eight long tedious debilitating years.    

We are indeed in the decade of the suicide voter!


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