To help normal people get through this  it should be read out loud with a recorded laugh track.

Sarah Palin is a small-minded small town extreme racist religious fanatic con artist.

John McCain made the classic “mistake” of “mistaking” her for  a valid human being…

She is THE JOKE of the 21st  century so far. More “trailer trash” one liners have been made about her by late night talk show hosts that j0kes about Donald Trump’s non- hair. 

She’s been on the cover of Newsweek looking like a third-rate imitation of Miss Outdoors of 1999.

Many say this was the reason Newsweek went digital!

They left out the shots of her killing and skinning an Elk and smashing a fish against a wall..and what about standing oblivious in front of the hideous death of turkeys!!

Her vile insinuations and her screeching racism has brought hordes of the most ignorant amongst us out from behind their facade of not being the living dead heads of society…

She has the zombie army of white supremacist flesh eaters as her followers.

And for further proof of the decline of the stature of REPUBLICAN women in western civilization… might we refer you to Michele Bachmann who signed something recently without reading it that stated that blacks were better off as slaves…and who is married to a guy who takes tax payers money for his practice of  trying to scare the shit and the  gay” out of people…Good luck on that….

A man who looks like a flamer on wheels…



“This land is our land ..this land is your land ..but hopefully it will never be the land of these women from the dark side of Mars….



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