Last night a group of  TEA PARTY members of Congress put on their funny looking Revolutionary costumes …stuck Roman Candles up their asses …and jumping up and down on pogo sticks… announced their latest bill: …”THE BILL TO REPEAL OF SANITY!”

Some of the more rational main stream REPUBLICANS went to Fox News last night to try to caution restraint on the Bill to repeal Sanity ..but they were met by SEAN HANNITY and a new guy called Bolling dressed as Obama masked Rodeo Clowns shouting : ” BRING ON THE BULLS!! …” RUPERT IS SAINT”  ..”OBAMA STARTED WORLD WAR TWO BEFORE HE WAS BORN!!”

The bill is expected to pass almost unanimously in the Congress with many Blue Dog Democrats voting to repeal sanity while dressed as Confederate troops and others in “Scarlet Southern Belle” drag.

In the Senate there is a chance it will pass due to the progressives not taking their meds.

If sanity is repealed it will only be a matter of time before Michelle and Marcus Bachmann attempt to be sworn in as the King and Queen of America…it remains to be seen which one of them will claim the title queen!…and we can hear… in the near distant future …. Fox News’ Chris Wallace saying :

“And now a word from the Secretary of State ..Woody Woodpecker!!


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