Is “the grand old party” known as the REPUBLICAN  PARTY now married to a fanatical religious mob?

Has the GOP degenerated into believing in a sick dogma that should be put down?

It would appear by the tone of the current religious arrogance being shown by some of the more successful GOP candidates running for PRESIDENT… and others who might join the fight for JESUS in government…that this is the case.

While wailing about “the importance of the constitution” the people ,who now seem to be controlling REPUBLICAN philosophy, are dead against one of its most important messages..the separation of church and state.

When setting major factions of the public against each other by exclusionary rhetoric and not so veiled innuendo ,extremist right-wing evangelists and their followers deal mainstream America’s way of life a gigantic blow.

When setting friends and families against each other because of their beliefs ,while proclaiming it’s their way or the highway to Hell…these one-dimensional prophets of their version of God destroy the social fabric that holds this country together.

Reading between the lines of some of our most thoughtful journalists recently there is a recurring theme. It is that great societies never fail from without but always from within. They fail when their leaders believe that by dividing the people you conquer the people

What is being said basically by these columnists is that America is currently in the second or third stage of a five step program of destroying itself from within.

The basic reason behind this thinking might be due to the newest battleground the GOP right wing has chosen top fight on. This is the battle for a totally Christian nation over an all inclusive nation.

Will we be facing the attempt to meld church and state.

God help us on this one who ever she is.


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