Back in  the 80’s I had glamor.

My ill-fitting suit is finally getting to fit my current frame better.

I don’t like Doctor Phil but he’s too famous to kill.

Mistakes made early can be chalked up to youth…get rid of the youth get somebody older.

Some kinds of  thinking can lead to blood clots.

My mega-bites bit me.

I just had my DNA tested and I’m well on my way to becoming proof positive

My public image belies my ex-exciting nights of thinking

I wish I knew how to score points with Pink.

I have only experienced a butler once.

I’m not an angry man…but I don’t like certain fools.

I’ve been reading some hot geography .

What does “Ride the Pony” really mean?

I’m convinced I’m a twin.

I’ve tried letting life past me by …but it keeps catching up.

I don’t know who’s behind the jokes about me being an Irish Protest singer.

I left my pristine thoughts somewhere in Switzerland.

While having an out of body experience i became aware of God’s  nakedness.

I was once a replacement for a replacement…what does that make me?

My friend Tony the war vet wants his arm back.

How many fractured sentences can one hear and remain sanguine?

How many times must I tell people I am not like the parts of a jigsaw puzzle.  

I’ve never wanted to go to Germany.



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