We now have the perfect example of a snake oil salesman in JAMES MURDOCH..who looks like he’s the son of an old bitch .. He’s a chip off the old block…talks up a perfect storm of double talking bullcrap.

“We’re sorry for what happened but it wasn’t us folks.. it was these assholes that worked for us and all the money came out of petty cash”… Yeah of course.. you paid off Scotland Yard with the tea and crumpets money!!

The Brits doing the questioning at the orginal hearing look like rejects from a Dickens novel..everything so very polite..Murdoch just sits there staring at them like… You know what I can do to all of you if I want to.. FREAKIN’ KILL YOU!!!!

However James is toast..and that’s as obvious as the gray in Obama’s hair…and the lack of blood in Mitch McConnell’s face…James has been relieved of his booty! 

Watching JAMES MURDOCH…is watching a “son that’s about to set” on the Rupert Empire …and we would never ever buy a time share condo in Florida from James without Allan Dershowitz reading it for a week.

And now we await the Fox News spin.. ”

The Murdoch’s always  acquit themselves brilliantly:”..”They obviously didn’t know anything about what these people were doing”.. whew!!..let’s get back to normal and just keep trying to overthrow the elected government ..Sean here’s what you say.. “It’s all Obama’s fault .. even World War 2 was his fault and he wasn’t even born yet”..go for it Sean… distract the bastards….here’s another million to be our mouthpiece…

But Rupert during the first hearings you came across as a lovable old guy with a good heart and all the humbleness of Eric Cantor and Attila the Hun…we cannot stop ourselves from admiring you ..you’re the worlds greatest player…and the play’s the thing..and we think you’ll win in the long run…but really Roger Ailes has to go…he’ just got that ego that outshines his belt line…

Is that James over there at the previously owned JAG lot?


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  1. […] Chairman of British Sky. We now have the perfect example of a snake oil salesman in JAMESJames Murdoch – Chairman and CEO of News Corporation Europe and Asia Chairman of SKY Italia Chairman of STAR TV […]

    • ha ha freakin’ ha

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