JOHN BOHNER IS SUING THE PRESIDENT and in a prelude to this event Congress will today take a vote to outlaw common sense once and for all.

It’s being reported that Tea Party representatives are jubilantly jumping up and down hugging each other and putting on funny hats and clown shoes as the Democrats looked on in shock and awe.

“Its time to take down the country and see what happens when we don’t have a President!” one of the Congressmen said as he strapped on a Roman breast-plate and a Mounties hat and sang two chorus’ of “I Did it My Way!” while biting the head off a live chicken.

“We’ll just finish government off once and for all and hang the whole thing over to God and the Koch Brothers … and not particularly in that order.” he shouted…”Because we give money to God to stay on His right side…while the Koch Brothers give us money to stay on their side.”

“This is such an exciting time” another happy Congress person shouted as he fired a clip of his AK 47 into a photograph of MSNBC. “We have the high ground now…John Roberts and his CATHOLICS are in our pocket and kissing our asses.”..

“We got Benghazi , the IRS and hating immigrants to smash the Communist Liberal scum with and we got 7% of this great country behind us…we’re looking defeat in the eye and we’re telling ourselves we’re a happening thing!”

When the GOP looks defeat straight in the eyes it see victory!…They live in the demented world of too much Fox News and Southern comfort. In fact in show biz terms “they believe in their own publicity.”

Unfortunately the SUPREME COURT and the Koch Brothers have the power and the money to perpetuate and perhaps fulfill this myth of superiority over the masses.

There is a real chance folks that unless “The United States of Lemmings” wakes up soon these dangerous anti-American lunatics who are a combination of Seditionists, Dominionists, Fascists Rascists, and Domestic Open Carry Terrorists might rest control of the country from us normal people.

They’re out there and they are more committed than you are even though most of them should be committed.

If their celebration gets real your life, the life of your family and your friends will never be the same and we all may be reverse refugees fleeing across the borders to Mexico and Canada.

“Oh Chris…what are you talking about…that’s just ridiculous…this is best most powerful country in the World” We have a voting system second to none…we have free speech…we are a nation of hope and prosperity where all men and women are created equal. We have a separation of church and state guaranteed by the constitution. Nobody can take that away from us. You’re full of shit…go get some common sense will you!!”



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