“RED ALERT!”…………………………..


Many Republicans will be visited soon by “the big white ambulance” as normal people, who are not mentally deranged, wake up to the Tea Party Congress people’s habit of howling at the moon and eating road kill while vowing to take down the United States and its stupid 75% who think they suck.

Bogus debt ceiling attacks next!!

Right after “paid recess” where they go home and rabble rouse their asses off to the Burger King induced masses of Ted Nugent look-a-likes…and that’s just the women…they’ll be back in all their Koch Brothers paid for glory….

Washington is also bracing for the full moon when  Sen.Jim DeMint grows hair all over his face and tries to rip NANCY PELOSI’s throat out.

When Ted Cruz has visions of grandeur and sees his coronation as King of the White Christian Country of the newly minted “LSOLA” or”Limited States of Little America!”

“When reason leaves a society it stands to reason that society has no reason to continue being one!” 

Fox News’ psycho babble has  turned the rank and file of the Republican political party into brain-dead uncompromising  tone deaf zombies intent on eating the flesh off the bones of the rest of us. Have you really taken a good look at McConnell lately?

The Tea Party’s brains have been fried by a sense of power they seem to not know they don’t have.. they are truly an out of control mob of berserk losers..

We should try to replace them with less berserk losers..preferably Democratic losers…

At the moment we’re faced with grown up versions of “Children of the Corn”…and they’ve been chomping on too much Monsanto….


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