Millions of American Christians will attend church service this Christmas and they will pray for peace on Earth and goodwill to all mankind…They will gladly give offerings to the ministries they attend. They will mostly leave the ceremonies with a feeling of well-being knowing that they have put their lives in the hands of their Maker. They will maintain strength through their belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

This is good!

Indeed a wonderful picture perfect view of an America we’d all like to believe in and live in.

I was born a Christian and into the Church of England and I APPROVE OF THIS MESSAGE!


In the 21st Century, as in all other (Religious Faiths) around the world Christianity has been usurped and used by a cruel ugly inhuman multitude of lying,cheating radical racist con artists…

Altered for ever by men called “Jimmy” and women called “Joyce”  who only see the Cross as a dollar sign.

Its the art of inciting religious dissent and violence against their fellow human beings.

This has been going on since the Pope’s had mistresses and rode to war and in the Muslim faith since the Mullahs has boys for breakfast and stoning for lunch.

Many corrupt cynical evangelist preachers like Pat Robertson and John Hague  see The Cross as a way to divide and conquer through bigotry and innuendo on their way to becoming more personally powerful and rich.


Without God and Jesus references would the “destroyer of America” George W. Bush ever have been elected?… His “favorite author”according to him when asked was “JESUS”.who incidentally never wrote a book!

Where would Palin and Cruz be today without the entire “Christian”right base?

Palin would be running a home for out-of-wedlock mothers and Cruz would be a sanitary inspector in Minneapolis while his father would be in a small padded room having hours of electric shock therapy.

These so-called “Christians” who want to exclude everyone from loving JESUS unless they take Him as their “personal savior”are the height of arrogant tomfoolery.

Evangelicals are duped by their own fears of being overwhelmed by the “colored races”, Atheists and the dreaded vegetarian and transvestite.

Personally I really love Jesus he was really fantastic person , warm , peace-loving ,the friend of the poor and the hookers. He was a simple carpenter and probably invented the Carpenters Union. But according to my recent bank book improvements my personal savior is my business manager or so she tells me.

Where would terrorism be today without Muslim extremist suicide bombers being told if they blow themselves up they’ll literally get blown by hundreds of virgins on the other side? Who’s kidding who here?

Speaking of blind faith…Dim brained Texas Governor Rick Perry and the REPUBLICAN faithful attended the”God Rally” in Houston a couple of years ago. Rick and Franklin Graham asked them to pray to God for a Conservative victory with himself as the possible representative of God on earth at the next election. He also prayed  for rain and the next day he got total TEXAS grass fires up his yin yang.” God is good and no Fool!”

Rick’s wearing Clark Kent glasses now to make him look less like the loser he appeared to be last time.

I have some really great Christian friends who believe in the literal translation of the Bible . THEY HAVE QUOTES FOR EVERYTHING. I don’t love them less for their beliefs. I know I cannot change their minds. Fortunately they don’t try to change mine. THESE ARE THE GOOD CHRISTIANS. We coexist in today’s real World!…They are kind gentle people and I love them

But these crazy war like evangelists are just not those kind of kind people.

They are not content to allow any philosophy than their own to intrude on their turf.

Catholics are dead meat, Jews are only good if they become saved and renounce Chinese Food. Muslims don’t even go to Hell they’re sent to Cleveland and Buddhist and Hindus will be burned at the stake with giant incense sticks.

If this bogus version of Dominionist Christianity works on enough people the rest of us will suffer under their puritanical and bigoted idea of a Christian society. We would not be able do any of the following stuff:

Get an education beyond the Bible.

Watch porn.

Be gay and get married.

Grow old gracefully.

Watch porn .

Be a minority and vote with ease.

Be able to breathe clean air and drink clean water.

Eat uncontaminated food,

Watch porn

Watch any other comedy shows other than Dennis Miller

In other words if you’re born again you’ll  be up sh*t creek in a match box looking for peanuts!!


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