Watching the look of hatred and disdain on Boehners’s face last night prompt this repeat of a popular blog

                                 “BOEHNER THE BARBARIAN!”

From out of Ohio… flexing his giant imaginary fake suntanned muscles… comes the destroyer of reason… the crusher of reality  ..the defender of the indefenisible..”Boehner the Barbarian!”

“Boehner the Barbarian” invader of compromise, smasher of the truth, appeaser to his immoral masters, the cruel and insane Tea bagging Visigoths!

“Boehner the Barbarian” wielding the giant axe of fiscal destruction against his very own people, intent on only playing both sides against reality…with the strength to constantly “move the goal posts!!”

“Boehner the Barbarian” ready to annialate  an entire society so the forces of the masters of the evil Empire of greed and corruption can rule the Universe while enslaving the masses into doing their bidding.

“Boehner the Barbarian”.with orange banners flying….the terrifying but completely weak and fake enforcer of double dealing and falsehoods amongst his own kind. The wrecker of a once thriving society!!!

“Boehner the Barbarian”… currently being auditioned for the new host of “Deal 0n No Deal?”


One Response

  1. LOL! Sadly, it’s very true. I just posted a limerick on a similar topic: John Boehner’s Patriotism Deficit.

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