2nd Annual Tea Party Joke Festival!

The Tea Party just held a caucus combined with a”Burning Rachel Maddow in Effigy Barbecue!”

The Tea Party are staging  a competition to decided who was the”most popular and most unreasonable and biggest repulsive  assh*ole” in the whole movement? (They’ve been swamped with entries…)

The TEA PARTY just voted against their own bill and broke out the Champagne celebrating  their win over  defeating themselves.

Michele Bachmann has been asked when she gets to be PRESIDENT will she make Marcus an honorary “man”?.

Rand Paul was beaten to a pulp tonight for only leaving a twenty five cent tip for the large angry minimum wage waitresss.

The Tea Party is such a minority they hold their Bund meetings in Volkewagens.

The TEA PARTY stubborness is making John Boehner see burnt Orange!

In trying to get rid of the EPA ..Jim Demint just said :”Damn Socialists… let them eat air!”

The TEA PARTY is excluding people from their town hall meetings who look “too intelligent,”agnostically gay” or suspiciously swarthy.

Scott Walker in Wisconsin has made it so hard to get a photo ID only his immediate family will be able to vote.

The  Republican governors are so unpopular that for protection at town hall meetings they’re replacing themselves with giant fire proof life like puppets!

If the TEA PARTY had their way we’d be asking to see the papers of Californans with sun tans.

The TEA PARTY Christian gay bashers are really upset by plans for a new movie set in New York called “Same Sex in the City!”

Donald Trump just magically came out today in favor of allowing the country to go broke and looking like a complete pile of blabbering mule droppings at the same time… amazing…!


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  1. Crap, pure crap. Gief moar free monies plox.

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