When the tiny GOP Woody Woodpecker TEA PARTY minority in Congress perpetrated the “Shock and Awe” of default on Obama and the country …we imagined some ex-hippy in the extremist wing of that party must’ve put something weird in the GOP commissary Kool Aid.

We also maintain that this same hippy might be out there in the rest of the World spiking other Kool Aids and probably everything else you can get in a drink order all the way from Starbucks to MacDonald’s.

This is because you cannot make any of this next kinda stuff in the news up!


#1. The 21-year-old blonde who was originally going to marry Hugh Hefner…but reneged… told reporters “sex with Heff lasted 2 seconds!”..

…and this was WITH Viagra!

#2.  A Republican Congress woman told a Fox news reporter we needed to cut MEDICARE and SOCIAL SECURITY so we can”fight more wars”…

**This same person thinks the SEAL team that killed Bin Laden was commanded by Chuck Norris and Ted Nugent. 

#3. Rush Limbaugh… raving on… blames “air conditioning for millions of  people believing in Global Warming!” 

**Rush also blamed vegetarians and organically grown food for the dangerous “socialistic” trend towards health. Rush has also refused an offer of the free tour of Greenland to watch it melt.

#4. Michele Bachmann borrowed big dollars from the FEDERAL LOAN office she now opposes and wants closed down…

**This is because she now gets her spare cash from the Koch Brothers  and from “The Marcus Bachmann Home for the Trying to Getting the Gay Out of You!” 

**”Mr” Bachmann has been practising for two years but hasn’t perfected it yet.  Only one student has graduated as being  “Un-Gayed” so far and he had a relapse when he accidentally liked some color coordinated drapes at his mother’s house and jumped up and down clapping and being expressive and sibilant.

#5  Anti-Gay heavy metal preacher sues Rachel Maddow for defamation of character.

**Rachel’s lawyers are out searching for the heavy metal guy’s “defamed character.



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