“Bong me up Scotty!!”

These messages once sent from a Scot’s mind “space bent?”

“A play on word’s reasons for no ryhme or no treason.

Who’d got our back… are we “whacked out on crack”?

It’s as if we’ve lost our ability …no”reasonability to tea-instability.”

There’s a Orwellian  rebellion..but more reptillian.

Like “rationality KNOWS NO  nationality.”

The party of ‘smaller’ government wants to impose ‘taller’ government

“The autocracy of hypocrisy imposed where there’s Democracy..

“Disenfranchising the rising of multi colored mega sizing…

…its like an invention of an intervention of dissention accention”

We’re heading for a Koch inspired palace coup ..what to do what to do?

The President has no happy ending”( as yet)… but wouldn’t you bet he’ll find one to get?

We”ll get” the shaft without a life raft”
For when there’s “no middle we wind up a riddle..

As business relaxes while not paying  taxes…

We’re left with the bill and told to “just chill!”

So “Bong me Up Scotty” and find me a hotty,

Sitting the next one out is what we should not be about..

But up here in space there’s only one race …

Just like Alfred E. Newman we’re all just plain human!

                            WORDS FOR NERDS…HOW ABSURD!

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