We’re actually forming a heavy metal band called “CORPORATE SCUM!”

The music we’ll be concentrating on will have no sense of fun or rhythm  ,it will have no soul and no heart  it will be completely shallow and meaningless and be unconscious and utterly tone-deaf as it appeals to such a limited audience that is cannot succeed.

But it will succeed..because we’re ruthless in our desire to own the business we’re in..how do we plan to do this?

We have the most immoral hateful group of mega rich promoters behind us… people who know how to advertise this nasty stuff and turn it into profits by scaring the shit out of people! Hard ass execs who know how to use the bus as a “transportation of mass bogus hysteria” and a Fox News Network to manufacture a perfect bogus commodity.

Malevolent heavy hitters who can make crap look like gold and believe me “The Corporate Scum” are the biggest bunch of no talents since the Bay City Rollers! (A band hardly anyone remembers other than they looked like converted choir boys of mixed sexual persuasions.)

“Corporate Scum” will be huge because everything is preplanned and preordained by a corporate version of The Lord.

I was reading a book by this dude Joseph Goebbels…he had this big time promotion stuff down pat.

If Goebbels was around today he’d just eliminate the competition like rap and country music by arresting everybody and killing them .

I made that suggestion to our promoters and got a favorable response…I’m not a violent man but I want money, fame, groupies and I don’t care about what happens to this country or the people in it…

“Let Them Eat Air”

Which incidentally is the title of our first album…If you don’t buy it you risk internment!


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