Why am I so grumpy?…well just like many of you I’m finding it harder and harder to find anything positive in what’s happening on this planet we’re slowly making into an oven.

We’re actually not putting another shrimp on the barbie …we’re putting ourselves on the flippin’barbie.

We’re doing a “Wicked Witch of the North I’m melting” routine live…and millions of Rush Limbaugh lovers think anyone who starts sending up warning flares about this Global warming BS is a raving stupid alarmist socialist.

So when I meet the shrill idiotic climate deniers while we’re sweating in 110 degree record-breaking heat all over the country… I get grumpy.

I get grumpy when I see my tax dollars being spent on supporting our troops while we’re killing them at the same time defending freedom for a bunch of ungrateful people who want our asses gone gone gone from their countries so they can go back to killing each other without us being in the middle.

I get grumpy when I realize that there’s an element in this country that wants to dumb us down and take over our society so we become the slaves to their way of life…which is incidentally is NOT the American dream but their wet dream of total monetary and religious domination.

But most of all I get grumpy because I can never win playing Angry Birds with my kids.


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